Corvette Spotlight: 1972 Reynolds Aluminum Corvette (XP-895)

In 1972, GM Design President Chuck Jordan and Bill Mitchell’s staff took an existing concept Corvette known as the XP-882 and began to revamp it.  The XP-882 already featured a 400 cubic inch small block that was a mid-engine and transversely mounted design.  This particular prototype exercise was designed to further explore the benefits of a mid-engine Corvette with the possibility of offering a future production model.

Hey! There's a fire at the burn-out competition!

One of the biggest events at the Corvettes at Carlisle show in Carlisle, Pennsylvania is the burnout competition on Friday afternoon.  It draws the biggest crowds and we at CorvetteDNA were proud to sponsor the event.   If you never have been one, it's one of the noisiest, smoke-filled and fun scenes you will ever witness.

We were still recovering from launching t-shirts into the crowd when the event started.   I got a few pictures, but it was tough to see what was happening.